Kampung People 2020 Episod 13

Laila kecewa kerana Jaafar telah bertunang dan Laila membuat keputusan untuk ke bandar mencari Amri bekas kekasihnya suatu ketika dulu. Laila marah kepada Amy kerana merampas kekasihnya dan mereka bergaduh, semua orang merakam dan video Laila menjadi viral. Sekali geng cengkih dapat tahu pulak kedudukan Laila dan menyebabkan Laila ditangkap dan menyuruh Laila menunjukkan di mana mereka tinggal sekarang. Mona dan Razif risau kerana tidak menjumpai Laila.

Kampung People Season 1 Episode 13
Episode 13
Air Date: 2020-01-08
Genre: Drama
Rashidi Ishak, Elly Mazlein, Reina Diana, Kamarul Eqifshah, Nam Ron, Dato' Fizz Fairuz, Hun Haqeem, Razak Ahmad, Shah Kimin, Haeriyanto Hassan, Azwan Razali.

Overview: Razif works with Mr. Suhaimi who sells illegal goods. While Razif was busy managing the sale, police raided their place and arrested him. Razif was questioned and sentenced to 15 years in prison for not confessing to the case and was forced to testify against his former boss, Mr Suhaimi in court. Razif received threats from the 'Cengkih Manis' group but Razif and his family were put into the Witness Protection Program by the police so that they would not be killed before the prosecution's case. Razif's family had to disguise and convert their identity into villagers and had to adapt to the village environment.

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What will happen in Kampung People Season 1 Episode 13?
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